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Veiw inetGrades Details inetGrades on-line grading program gives Students and Parents access to password protected grades.

Teachers will save hours of work by using the easy-to-use automatic grade calculation features. 
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Build and Maintain Teacher Web Sites Quickly and Easily with inetTeacher

Use Teacher web sites to communicate information about your class, gather useful internet resources, and track student progress.

All your information is saved and backed-up daily. You'll save time on things like creating assignments, and gathering resources, by having your data available year-after-year.

Setup Your Site

As soon as you Sign Up for inetTeacher, a fully-functional classroom website is automatically created for you, complete with Sections for Homework, Class News, Calendar and more.

You'll also be able to add as many of your own Sections and pages as you'd like.

Editing  Your Site

All inetTeacher websites are edited right on the actual website pages.

All you need to do is Login at the top of any page, and your site converts to Edit Mode. All your pages become editable, and since your working right on the page, you see changes as soon as you save.

NO Coding HTML

Add images, text and links to other helpful internet resources. You'll be able add and edit pages with absolutely no HTML. Our program does all the coding for you

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Create an unlimited number of your own sections and pages.
Add your own graphics, or select from 1,000s of our clip art images online.
Upload all types of multi-media files for your visitors to view.  PDF, PowerPoint, Music, Movies, and more...
Easily customize the colors, fonts and backgrounds for your unique look.
Update your information as often as you'd like.
Only $24.95/yearProfessional quality, easy-to-maintain website.
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