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Connection to inetGrades

There are 2 ways to connect to inetGrades.

Connection choice is available to Logged-In Users only.  
Standard is the default connection type.

1. SECURE Connection

Transactions to and from inetGrades are encrypted and sent via a Network Solutions SSL certificate to ensure secure transmission of your information. 

If you work with sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers, you should choose this connection type.

2. STANDARD Connection

Transactions to and from inetGrades are sent through normal internet channels. Information is sent in normal text format.


inetGrades works the same way with either connection. Only the passing of information, and speed of transactions is affected.

Using the Secure connection will slow transaction speeds because of the encryption involved.

Your connection choice shows at the top of each page next to your name. You can change your connection at any time without loosing information.