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Grading System
Points or Percentages

You can use the Grading Program to grade using Points or Percentages.
What's the difference?

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NOTE: Your Grading System can be chanded at any time and grades will automatically reflect the change.
Category Set-Up Page

Use this page to set up Categories for your Assignments -  homework,
tests, quizzes... You can set up a maximum of 10 Categories.

Category Percentage
Each Category will represent a percentage of the students total grade. 

You can set up different Categories for different classes, or share
Categories between classes. The Categories used for each class
must equal 100% percent for accurate grading.

Dropping Grades
If you wish, you will be able to set the number of grades to drop from
each category to improve the Students overall grade for the Marking Period.

NOTE: The Category Percentage and Dropped Grades can be changed at
any time and grades will automatically reflect the changes.

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