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Classroom Information
Classroom Information
Syllabus and F.A.Q. Sheets:
7th Grade Bridge Physical Science Advanced:  2nd, 5th, & 6th periods
   -  Syllabus  &  F.A.Q.
Physical Science Honors (H.S. Credit):  3rd period
   -  Syllabus  &  F.A.Q.
8th Grade Science:  4th period
   -  Syllabus  &  F.A.Q.
8th Grade Science Advanced: 1st period
   -  Syllabus  &  F.A.Q.
Classroom Information
Physical Science Advanced -- HMH: Florida Science - Physical Science
Students will be issued a paperback workbook and have access to the online text through ClassLink.  A class-set of books will be available for in-class use.
Physical Science Honors -- McGraw Hill: Florida Physical Science
Students will be issued a paperback workbook and have access to the full online text through ClassLink.  A class-set of texts will be available for in-class use.
Comp. Science 3 and Comp. Science 3 Advanced -- Pearson: Elevate Science Florida Course 3
Students will be issued a paperback workbook and have access to the online text through ClassLink.  A class-set of books will be available for in-class use.
Science Lab Fee:
A $5 lab fee will be collected from each student during the first week of school.  This money will be used to purchase consumable lab supplies for use in class and replacement or repair of damaged lab equipment.  If this money runs out, a second fee of $2 will be requested during the second semester (ONLY IF NECESSARY).
Science Notebook:
Assignments in this class will NOT be collected individually.  Rather, they will be labeled with a letter (based on the unit) and a number (based on the assignment) to help students organize them in their science notebook (3-ring binder).  Students will make corrections and notes on their assignments as we go over them in class, then put them into their science notebook.  Each day, students have the option of keeping their notebook on a bookshelf in class or taking it home.  At the end of each content unit, Mr. Hanna will notify students of the "notebook check window", usually lasting 2-4 days.  During that window of time, Mr. Hanna will meet with students one-on-one to go through their notebooks for grading.  Any assignments that are not graded during the notebook check window are considered "late" and will only be eligible for half-credit in the gradebook.
Grading Policy:
Mr. Hanna's classes will be graded on a "weighted percentage scale" which varies depending on the course (see syllabus or FAQ sheet).  Some of Mr. Hanna's classes will also take a semester exam at the conclusion of the 2nd and 4th 9-weeks grading period that will affect their grade differently depending on the course (again, see the course syllabus or FAQ sheet).
Major projects and lab reports will have points deducted each day they are late (up to 5 days), after which they will be given a grade of "0".  Notebook assignments are due during the designated notebook check window and will not be accepted after the window closes.
Students will have the opportunity to re-take any formal assessment (excluding semester exams) if they are not satisfied with their initial grade.  Students may ask for a re-test ONLY AFTER additional studying has occurred.  Students will get one "freebie" each nine-weeks in which their retake grade can replace the original assessment grade for any point value.  However, all other retake attempts will be capped at 70% (or next-highest letter grade, ie - 80% or 90%).
Students will have an opportunity to revise the final draft of their lab reports and resubmit their paper for grading after receiving teacher feedback.  The higher of the two grades will be reflected in the gradebook for the lab report assignment.
Semester Exam:
Some of Mr. Hanna's classes will have a cumulative semester exam.  
   - The semester exam for 7th Grade Bridge Physical Science and 8th Grade Comp. Science 3 Advanced will count as a regular test grade as part of the 2nd and 4th 9-weeks grading periods.  
   - The semester exam for Physical Science Honors (H.S.) will count as 1/3 of the semester grade each semester (affects high school GPA).
Science Fair:
All students in advanced science classes at SCMS (except those in Biology Honors) are required to perform a research project as part of our science fair.  However, students will have the option to complete a standard science fair project based on their research (project board and judging) or to write a research paper (presented to the teacher).  Both options will be graded as part of the student's 2nd 9-weeks grade and will involve similar ammounts of time/effort investment.  Some parts of the project will be completed in class, but the majority of the project will be required to be done at home.  Students who wish to work with a partner must have a signed permission form from both sets of parents acknowledging that the students will make time to meet, plan, and execute the project and share the work equally between them.
Discipline Plan:
Mr. Hanna's rules are simple; we will be RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and SAFE.  Students will be given a chance to correct minor behavior problems through verbal instruction.  Repeated or serious behavior issues will result in documented corrective actions as outlined below:
   - 1st infraction = official warning (discipline log entry)
   - 2nd infraction = parent phone call, final official warning (discipline log entry)
   - 3rd infraction = parent phone call, lunch detention
   - Subsequent infractions = parent phone call, office referral
   - Serious behavior issues may warrant immediate office referrals.
   - Discipline plan "resets" each 9-weeks grading period.
   - Students who are "unprepared" for class will be assigned "No Howl-Out" on Fridays.
Advanced Course Expectations:
Students enrolled in advanced courses at SCMS are expected to perform ABOVE GRADE LEVEL and exhibit SELF-MOTIVATED BEHAVIORS towards their academic course work.  Students must maintain a 3.0/B average in their advanced classes.  Failure to do so may result in a "probation" period or removal from advanced classes.  Students must be in good academic standing within the bridge program to participate in the Bridge Field Trip.
Classroom Documents
2019-20 Science Lab Fee Letter
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