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Veiw inetGrades Details inetGrades on-line grading program gives Students and Parents access to password protected grades.

Teachers will save hours of work by using the easy-to-use automatic grade calculation features. 

Easily Build and Update
School Websites at inetTeacher.com

School Websites are built with the same easy-to-use interface used for Teacher Websites.

Standard sections that come with School sites include your Home Page, Academics, Activities, Calendar, Sports and more. Also, you'll be able to add as many of your own sections as you'd like.

All School Website pages can have a header with your mascot, school name, address and phone. A Custom header and/or Home Page can also be designed.

Integrate with inetTeacher
Teacher Websites and inetGrades

You'll be able to link your School Website together with any number of Teacher Websites, as well as inetGrades allowing centralization of administrative tasks such as account setup, billing and support. 

You'll also be able to able to give school staff access to inetGrade reports.

To start a School Website
Please contact support@inetTeacher.com

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Central Administration for user account setup, billing, inetGrades, and more...
Integrates your School site, Teacher sites and inetGrades
for a cohesive presentation.
Create an unlimited number of your own sections and pages.
Add your own graphics, or select from 1,000s of our clip art images online.
School Websites comes with 200 MB of disk space to upload all types of multi-media files for your visitors to view. - PDF, Music, PowerPoint, Movies, and more... Additional 10MB blocks can be added as neded for an extra charge.
Update your information as often as you'd like.
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